General Points

While every effort is being made to seamlessly integrate GIGI with the AAS online catalog, they are two completely different tools and modes of searching. For instance, in the AAS Online catalog a search for a specific newspaper title will yield the full series results, whereas searching in GIGI may only provide an article or two. By contrast, individual newspaper articles are not cataloged in the AAS Online catalog (and likely, never will be).

Unlike the AAS Online catalog “Builder Search Option” not everything in GIGI is available to search by keywords which will search across all fields. If you know a specific title or author for an image, you would be best doing an “Advanced” search.

Many times the title of the image is also the subject (the portrait of Abby Kelley Foster, for instance).

Keywords also include the AAS Subject headings. There is no distinct field for subjects. Keywords also double as a media for the items (book, oil paintings, lithograph, etc.)

At present, there are items which have no metadata attached. If you suspect (or hope) an item is in GIGI and cannot locate it, you may try searching the Bibliographic ID Number (which is on the Voyager record).

If you come across items you would like for a publication, or need a higher-resolution image of, please email the Rights and Reproductions Department at










Feature Tip

Many of the images have been tagged with one of the subject headings featured below. Feel free to browse the images this way, but this list is not comprehensive. Useful for a general idea of the collection items available.


Searches the bibliographic ID number, date, call number, related name, and description. Please note that this field does not search author-creator or title. Useful when searching by one field such as BIB ID or for a specific keyword.

Advanced Search

Allows you to search for image title, the author-creator (or both), and additional keywords. Useful for specific research and narrowing down of searches.


A subset of subjects has been selected to enable quick browsing of collection materials. Items which fall within these subsets of material are added to regularly. These categories are:

·  African American
·  Book illustrations
·  Broadsides
·  Cartoons
·  Children
·  Indians of North America
·  Maps
·  Mexican War
·  Newspapers
·  Photography
·  Politics
·  Portrait
·  Prints
·  Religious
·  Slavery
·  Temperance
·  United States History Civil War
·  United States History Revolution
·  United States History War of 1812
·  Views


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