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GIGI includes examples from the Society’s collections. You will find here examples of everything from our rare and fragile newspapers to extensive manuscript collections, plates, title pages and frontispieces, early children’s primers and samples from all of our graphic arts collection.


As you browse, keep in mind that not everything is in GIGI. We are providing links from our online catalog into GIGI where links are appropriate.

To find these links in our General Catalog, use "GIGI" as a keyword in combination with filters to narrow results by type of material or date.

To date, the following collections have links to GIGI from within our online catalog:

Political Cartoons
Children's Books and Pamphlets
Miscellaneous Newspapers and Periodicals
Manuscript Collections
Note: To find digitized manuscript material in GIGI, search in the General Catalog for "GIGI" plus your own keyword(s) and Limit Type of Material to "Manuscript/Archival Material"
Other Graphic Arts Items (including photography collections)
Isaiah Thomas Broadside Ballads

We are in the process of adding links to GIGI from our online catalog for the children’s books, pamphlets, trade catalogs, broadsides, newspapers and periodicals currently without links. [Note: metadata from these records will be brought over at a later date]


Many items within GIGI currently have metadata fields available for searching/browsing.

Collection: Metadata Status:
Books Most annuals have metadata; other items do not
Graphic Arts Fine Art has some metadata (Portraits collection), Ambrotypes, Daguerreotypes and Tintypes all have metadata, some of the print collection has metadata

Some have collection-level metadata

Newspapers & Periodicals No metadata yet

Folder Structure

As you are browsing, you might notice a folder structure in place to enable ease of adding to the image archive. The folder structures are as follows:

     > Almanacs
     > Annuals
     > Pamphlets
     > Trade Catalogs

Children's Literature

Graphic Arts
     > American Portrait Prints
     > Bound Volumes
     > Civil War Cartoons
     > Ephemera
           > Album cards
           > Billheads
           > Book Plates
           > Broadsides
           > Christmas cards
           > Civil War envelopes
           > Currency
           > Election Ballots
           > Invitations
           > Membership Certificates
           > Menus
           > Philadelphia Centennial Collection
           > Postcards
           > Ream Wrappers
           > Rewards of Merit
           > Sheet Music
           > Ship Cards
           > Stock Certificates
           > Trade Cards
           > Valentines
           > Watch papers
     > Fine Art
           > Drawings & watercolors
           > Louis Maurer Collection
           > McLoughlin Collection
           > Oil Paintings
           > Sculpture
     > Maps
     > Objects
           > Chinese Bowl
           > Civil War Tokens
           > Games
           > Gold Profile Miniatures
           > Henshaw Rifle
           > Isaiah Thomas Press
           > Mather Family Highchair
           > Myropticon
           > Powder Horn
           > Staffordshire Pottery
           > Stereoviewers
     > Photography
           > Albumen
           > Ambrotypes
           > Carte de visite
           > Cyanotypes
           > Daguerreotypes
           > Stereographs
           > Tintypes
     > Prints
          > Intaglio
          > Lithographs
          > Oriental Ceramic Art
          > Relief
     > Union Publishing Circulars
     > U.S. Views

     > AAS Archives
     > Account Books
     > Business Records
     > Cookbooks
     > Correspondence
     > Family Papers
     > Journals & Diaries
     > Legal Documents
     > Music Books
     > Penmanship Collection
     > U.S. Revolution Collection

Newspapers & Periodicals

Uncataloged Items

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